• Single Sign-On with Google

    Single Sign-On with Google

    Single Sign-On with Google is available. Enable SSO to allow your users to sign in to eHour with their Google Workspace account.
  • eHour Insights

    eHour Insights

    Insights dashboards give you a quick overview of your top projects, top turnover generating clients, utilization rate - all on one screen.
  • Timer


    The new Timer records the time you spend on your work accurately.
  • External rate

    External rate

    Calculate your profit by adding an external hourly rate.
  • Timesheet 2.1

    Timesheet 2.1

    With layout improvements on phones and tables and quicker week navigation; here is version 2.1 of the timesheet.
  • Export to Excel and Power BI

    Export to Excel and Power BI

    Analyze tracked hours in Microsoft Excel and Power BI.
  • Favorite Projects

    Favorite Projects

    Keep your most frequently used projects and project tasks nearby by making them a favorite.
  • Timesheet 2.0

    Timesheet 2.0

    A new logo, a fresh blue, and hello yellow!
    We rolled out version 2.0 of the timesheet.


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