eHour makes time tracking easy and straightforward. Your team will get up to speed fast and can track their time however and wherever they want – you’ll never lose a minute of billable time.


Time Tracking

We’ve simplified time tracking to make it as easy as possible for your teammembers to track time . As one of our clients says “the ease of use is making a difference”.


Approve time before you invoice

Review hours before you invoice them to your clients using the approval process.


Powerful Reports

Use eHour reports to get an instant overview of all hours tracked. Use one of the many predefined reports or create your own to produce the overview you need.


Expense Claiming

Manage expenses to control all costs associated with a project. Team members can claim their expenses and attach scanned receipts in eHour.

And there’s more

  • Automatic reminders
  • Lock periods
  • Import all your eHour 1.0 data
  • Export all data to Excel and CSV
  • Data hosted in Europe
  • Daily backups of your data

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