Powerful Reports

Operate with Insight.

One single mouse click turns your timesheets into reports, showing the information you need to make decisions and ensure your projects run smoothly. The reports are attractively laid out and can be easily printed or converted to Excel and CSV.
  • Screenshot feature
    Use one of the many predefined reports or select the columns and aggregations you need and create your own.
  • Screenshot feature
    Save your customized reports so you only have to create them once and can re-use them another time.
  • Screenshot feature
    Schedule reports to email. Receive the report automatically in your inbox, daily or weekly, without logging in to the tool.
  • Screenshot feature
    Export your report to Excel or CSV.

Customizing made quick and easy

Need a different report than the predefined reports provided?

With eHour, you can group and present all data and create the report you need. Pick the columns you need, filter by the team members you are interested in and save the report to reuse it later. Get quick access to your reports by scheduling reports to be sent to your inbox on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

What do our users say?

Our external project leader wanted first to have an overview of all hours logged per individual team member before invoicing the client. With eHour, I was able to have all data right there on my screen in a single comprehensible report. After scheduling it, it is sent by email every Friday to the project leader without any interference from me.

Casper van Schie, US Media

Explore all our features

  • Weekly Timesheets

    eHour Timesheets provide immediate insight into your projects’ progress. View all of your project activities for the past week on a single page. You are always in control.
  • Team-oriented Tooling

    We’ve simplified time tracking to make it as easy as possible to track hours. Everyone in your team uses the same online tool.

    Submit, review and approve timesheets with eHour’s Team-oriented Tooling.
  • Integration

    eHour enables Single Sign-on with Microsoft Office and Azure ID. Export tracked hours with the API to reporting applications such as Microsoft PowerBI or Qlikview.
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