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Updates in May 2019

Performance improvements

Do you have a lot of projects in eHour, say more than 3000? The list of projects in the management section (Manage, Projects) took some time before it was on your screen. It now runs on full speed again and should be there in milliseconds. The same improvements apply for the list of clients, teams, users, and pending and completed approvals.

Viewing archived Clients, Projects or Users.

In the management section; the list of active and archived clients, projects and users are merged and displayed in one list. Rather than scrolling to the bottom of the list to view any archived entities; click on the new gear icon next to the search box and toggle hiding archived entities on or off.

Bug fixes and small improvements

  • An issue is resolved which prevented reports from being sent by email (Report, Export -> Send by email). This stopped Daily reports from being sent to email.

  • An error occurred when you quickly navigated through the weeks on your timesheet. This is resolved.

  • The “All hours” predefined report could not be shown as a chart, this is resolved. The report is renamed to “All hours, all columns”.

  • Reports containing the “Task name” column could not be shown as a chart, this is resolved.

  • The Charts in the reports are drawn more efficiently, the performance of the reports should therefore increase.

  • Resolved an error that happened when a manager or admin logged in as a different user and clicked the back button to return to Manage, Users.

  • There is a limit of 500 pending approvals shown in the pending approvals list. It was not possible to search for pending approvals that were not shown. This is resolved.

  • Are you using eHour on your Android phone? The prompt to install eHour as an app was broken. Also the caching mechanism (service worker) for offline usage is improved, resulting in a better performance of eHour overall.


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