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New in July 2018

Project codes

Each project has a name and a code. When you add a new project, a unique project code will be suggested from now on. See this feature in action by adding a new project and naming it using at least 3 characters.

From now on, the combination of project name and project code no longer has to be unique across all of eHour, only for a single client. For example, while you previously could only have a single project called Travel in eHour, you can now create multiple Travel projects, one for each client.


Client, project, team and user IDs can now also be retrieved through the Time API end point. A pagination issue has also been fixed, and the maximum page size has now been fixed at 10,000 rows per page. To ensure backwards compatibility, the API still accepts the limit option, but simply ignores it.

Line Manager and Project Manager roles

When you wanted to assign a user the role of Line Manager or project Manager, you used to also have to grant them the Time Tracker role. It is now possible for you to select the relevant roles right away when creating or editing a user while at the same time selecting the users or projects that are managed by the relevant user. In short, you no longer need to grant users the role of Time Tracker as well.

Project Managers can report on all of the hours of all of the projects they manage, add or remove users from their projects, and if configured to do so, approve timesheets.

Line Managers can create reports on all of the hours logged by the users they manage, and if configured to do so, approve timesheets.

Small improvements

Long sessions; you can now leave eHour open all day and will no longer be logged off automatically. Another issue has been resolved, with a feature for adding a new user as project manager.


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