eHour Rebooted

eHour in the cloud is a reboot of the original on-premise eHour. The original eHour was launched in 2006 as an open-source time tracking tool and was adopted by thousands of organizations. We took inspiration from the good bits and rebuilt it as eHour in the Cloud.

Migrating has been made easy – we can import all of your existing on-premise eHour data within minutes. Contact us for more information.
Old vs New
eHour 1.0 eHour in the Cloud
Easy Time Tracking
Powerful reporting
Track time on project tasks
Approval workflow
Customizable reports
Schedule reports to be sent to your email
On-premise installation
Always available
Optimized for phones and tables

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Over 10,000 users use eHour to track their work successfully. Join them and turn your own time tracking software into a success! Try eHour for free for 14 days; convince yourself of eHour’s ease and convenience and start your free trial today.

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