Timesheet Approval

Use eHour’s timesheet approval to review and validate timesheets before you export them.

We simplified the approval system to a simple one or two-step review process. After an employee submitted their timesheet for approval, a reviewer can accept or reject the timesheet. Accepting an approval will lock the timesheet from modification.

Accept or Reject a timesheet approval

Flexible approval workflow

Do you need a team manager to do the first review of the timesheets before the final approval is given by the Finance department?

Configure up to two reviewers for the timesheet approval process. A timesheet is only approved when both reviewer give their approval.

You can configure either a person to be a reviewer or a role such as all team managers or admins. Team managers can only approve timesheets submitted by their team member where admins can approve all timesheets.

The approval workflow is completely configurable

Report on approved hours

Use a filter in the reports to show only approved hours or get an overview of all pending, unapproved hours.

Filter your report

Completely optional

No need for an approval process? The approval process is completely optional, disable it when you don’t need it,

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