Powerful Reports

Get an instant overview of all tracked hours with eHour reports. With the configurable reports you can create the overview you need by using the predefined reports or customize the view.

Reports are fast, reporting on 100.000’s of hours is done in milliseconds.


Quick access to common reports

Our predefined reports gives you access to the most used overviews. From time reports grouped on client, project and user to a combined report with all individual hours and claimed expenses in the system.

Migrating from eHour 1? To ease migration we added the old reports from eHour 1 as predefined report with the same column layout.

eHour comes with 10+ predefined reports

Customize your reports

You can create any report. Pick the columns you need, filter on the team members you’re interested in or change the grouping to your preference.

We’re flexible, when you’re missing something in the reporting (or eHour in general) just let us know and we try to add it.

Create the overview you need by picking the columns you need

Export data

All reports can be exported to Excel and CSV.

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